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“Reduce dependence on Large online retailers"

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Self-competitive business structure, which is the weakness of retailers. It weakens sales costs
and leads to excessive advertising costs. Simultaneous exposure with competing competitors
resulting in reducing traffic that can lead to sales opportunities.

vivPR‘s integrated E-commerce solutions provide you with a variety of solutions that drive sales
opportunities or direct sales from online retailers that are becoming more and more vulnerable
to sellers.

Quality Management and Customer Trust

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There are many factors that lead to success.

You need a great product that’s in demand,

an effective marketing strategy and the tools

to provide products efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.
However, nothing is more important than trust.

This is perhaps more crucial today than ever before. Whereas in thepast, trust was

built by close proximity, now businesses must
cultivate it in other ways. This includes providing quality products and excellent customer

support and offering secure shopping
experiences and having a professional appearance.

The Synergistic of
On and Offline Market

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Many business owners today don't realize the opportunity they have in online businesses.

Often there is untapped potential just waiting to be harnessed into a whole new business venture.

As the owner of a small business, you likely have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips from

years of experiencing working in your industry.

Let Us Help You Turn Your Knowledge Into an Online Business



Unclear boundary between Social and Commerce

How Social Media Advertising has become essential to growing your Business.

74% of American consumers decide to make a purchase through social media. and 40% buy goods through referrals from Influencers in
social media.

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Capture of visual attention
Over 75% of US Internet users
search for visual content
before making a purchase.

Consumers spend more time watching Video OP ins. and every minute new competition for Video sorrmerce is on the rise. It is a powerful advertising tool that stimulates users' purchase desires by providing the indirect experience of products.


 vivPR Visual Commerce

Social Marketing

Open Market


A video is a versatile and engaging content format that not only gives us a real-life picture of what is going on.

it's also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers
like it because it's easy to digest, entertaining and engaging,
and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge
return on investment (ROI) through many channels

Visual Content, a key element of marketing.

Let us help you build a business that captures the audience.
We provide High quality, trendiest, and most of all effective
visual contents for your business to thrive in the most
competitive markets.


 vivPR Video Production

Commercial Ad Video

Animation Visual Effect


The ‘New Business Era‘ Video gives you the power to transform
a product from just something to buy into an actual part of the
customer‘s life. Online Video can communicate your message
effectively, keep viewers engaged. Online Video is cited by marketing professionals across the globe as the digital content
with the best ROI. Let us help you give your visitors what they
want. Simple accessible content without limitations, attract
attention, raise interest. increase desire and convince the viewer
to take action.


 vivPR Product Photography

Product Photography

Visual Design


Next Evolutionary Step Of Powerful Shipping Solution

Regardless of time and place, we are able to respond promptly to customer inquiries and delivery confirmation 24 hours a day. Keeping you ahead of the game. Our Fulfillment center offers many benefits, such as lower shipping rates, reduced operating costs, return management, and a broader reach to help you grow into new markets. And with 8 our fulfillment service, it allows you to focus on other aspects
of your business and continue to grow.

The retail industries plans/Offers Order Fulfillment Options February 20l7



Many companies are preparing for the future of digital innovation to provide consumers with
a more engaging experience. 
As a business, It is a starting point and an opportunity to transition into a
successful Online Business.
vivPB will be a solid companion to your challenges to E-commerce Market.


vivPP provides Customized
E-commerce Integration Solutions

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Brand Marketing

Analysis and Strategy

Thorough marketing strategies and
research for market preemption
Market trend and Business Analysis
Establishing Strategic Direction
Detailed Strategy Timeline setting and management


Media Content Production

Advanced digital content creation and display that can stylize Brand Images. Stunning Video content for
Social Commerce and Open Markets.
Product photography Catalog development Lookbook production Design


Building an

E-commerce Platform

Creating an Online Shopping

Mall Platforms focused or mobile devices Site search functionality and Secure Electronic Payment System Providing an infrastructure delivering a better customer experience


Social Marketing

Grow brand awareness, engagement & traffic with our Social Media Marketing 

Services. Our social media 

management  services include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

5 star award-winning

search engine optimization (SEO) company that offers elite service and consistently delivers top online


Fulfillment Warehouse
Customer Service

Offering warehouse spaces to
Picking, Packing, Shipping
Inventory management and

Return management Services
Online Order management

Customer Management Services

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