real handcrafted
natural soap

We wanted to develop a soap that our children can use safely.

Glycerin, a well-known ingredient for moisturizing 

Surfactant, a well-known ingredient for cleansing


We have confirmed, using artificial ingredients can cause numerous effects such as dryness irritation and can also cause allergic reactions.


So we realized and thought differently...


We have realized the base ingredient should be different from artificially made soap...

We put together the finest natural oil and made the base ingredient


Soap, made with natural oil base develops a high dose of Glycerin which has a good moisturizing and cleansing effect.


Through many years of research and experience, we have developed thousands of soaps over the years.

We have finally created a True Soap “Forest Eden”


Now our children and families can use Forest Eden with a relief.  

Forest Eden, wishing all the families with healthier life and Healthier Skin.  

 made with only nature

Certified Manufacture Facility, Forest Eden provides consumers with safe and reliable products.